Art is Life: Profile on Lauren Levi

What does art bring you? 

LL: Art is a adrenaline rush, it's joy, it's frustration. Art is my climax, I am obsessed with art and it's not humanly possible for me to even explain the overwhelming feeling it brings me! 

What's your definition of art? 

LL: Art is life! There is no heart without ART! 

If you were not doing art, what would you be doing? 

LL: I couldn't fathom myself doing anything that wasn't in the arts! Whether it be film, photography, styling, anything that has to do with the arts is my lane for sure! 

As an artist, what inspires you? 

LL: Everything inspires me, whether it be a song that ignites a memory or a color pattern that paints a vivid image in my mind, I have lucid dreams and that drives me paint certain images, that's always a treat. Women inspire me a lot of my art is just my appreciation for women and me being a woman it's just magnifying our strength, beauty and grace.

When did you realize that art was something you really wanted to do?

LL:  Art started off as just a outlet. I battle with depression so the frustration of the world not understanding me made me express myself in art form. Being misunderstood by the masses drove me to pick up the brush! Art was on my heart for so long. I didn't have the confidence until I was at my lowest point in my life and I felt I had nothing to lose! I felt like a failure and I couldn't be more disappointed in myself so I might as well try it! It was a glorious day and I fell in love.

Lauren Levi doesn't remember how long she has been into art but does remember herself as being a very creative kid.  She spent a lot of her time drawing. She doesn't remember exactly what triggered her to be an artist but her introduction to art from what she remembers, came from analyzing and dreaming about what she would do if she were to become an artist. "I remember a bum stopping me in the street and asked me if I was an a artist. I replied no and he went on to say 'you are an artist and you will be an artist, you don't know it yet.' That was crazy!" Clearly he was right because not only is Lauren an artist, she is a talented one.  Her work is bright and says some bold statements.

What would you describe as a good work of art?

LL: Anything that makes the artist happy! If the artist feels they have successfully expressed themselves in a piece, who am I to discredit them! I can't judge anyone's imagination I mean they have a vision and it's their art so, I respect anyone going against the odds and pouring their heart out on a canvas.

What's your favorite part of being an artist?

LL: My point of view, the complexity of my mind allows me to see the world through a unique lens, flowers aren't just flowers, street signs aren't just street sign, everything is a inspiration! Seeing vibrant colors is like air to me, I need color to function! 

Instagram: LaurenLevi_ Art