10 Sole Commandments - Words of Wisdom for your Soles

We've gathered some advice from sneaker heads we know to create the 10 Sole Commandments. Here are some words of wisdom for your soles.

  1.  Redo your laces: Don't wear laces straight out of the box. Tailor your laces to your comfort level.
  2.  Always keep a pair of white on white sneakers: White Air Force 1's are the perfect pair. They are versatile, classic staple Nike shoes. Freely choose from either the low or high tops. 
  3. Never wear Adidas pants with any other sneaker brand: Wear Adidas pants with Adidas sneakers. Do not disrespect the brands. #stayloyal
  4. Black and white sneakers are the Holy Grail. (Check out the Huaraches as pictured above.)
  5. Nike is not the only brand you can wear. We love Nike, but there are many other brands to explore.  (Check out the Lemar & Dauley x Fila MauwiWowie pictured below.)
  6. Vans, Stan Smiths and Converses can be worn for any occasions: Weddings included. 
  7. Respect Retro Jordans - As @Taxstone said, "Don't wear any Jordans... Jordan didn't wear." 
  8. Do not buy boot legged sneakers. Keep it Funky. We all know when it's fake. Be realistic with your funds. If you can't afford it, just don't buy it. 
  9. Women can wear men's sneakers and men can wear women's sneakers. It is OK! Style them right and flourish. 
  10. Take care of your sneakers! Your sneakers are an investment. Treat them like Gold.