42nd Times Square Show Remixed – 80’s Revisited

The show had a lot of energy which included a performance from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s nephew, Response Basquite. Everyone was able to interact with the artwork and the artists that were there. The show felt like a trip to Brooklyn in the 80s. LaRonz Murray put this show together. The idea was initially sparked as a collaborative group exhibition inspired by his solo 2013 debut American exhibit, The Miracle from 34th Street (The Art & Grind of LaRonzMurray). “In this presentation, I introduced the concept of ‘Art 2 Life’ with a grand opening performance of turning “still art” into “performance art”. During this time, he also created the invention of the “Exhibition Remix”. This show took less than two months to put together. “As the visionary/creator/founder of this remixed exhibit, I started putting the show together at the end August 2014 with the assistance of Gerado Rodriguez, Ka-son Reeves, Artoni and Michael Angelo. Next, we went heavy into the planning and executing stages in September and October. I commissioned all artists to create a customize piece based off the 80’s. I followed this by contacting the exhibit’s co-producer, James Top Productions to facilitate all graffiti artists to execute our requested pieces to create a unified show.  Within the process, we had our ‘Art 2 Life Live Performance Curator”, Sir Marco handle the task of organizing and assigning rappers to said paintings to create inspired performances for the grand opening. I connected with Basquiat’s nephew to perform as a special guest performer. Lastly, we linked up with Candice Taylor of TaylorMadePR who assisted on curation and talent. Ms. Taylor brought in superb talented performers Rahzel Jr. (son of legendary beatboxer Rahzel Brown of The Roots) and BB Thomaz.” 

         LaRonz felt there was a strong need to re-visit the cultural movement of the 80 by re-mixing the original 1980 Times Square Art Show. “This groundbreaking exhibition presented over 100 artists, which included influential painters Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy and Keith Haring. As an artist and visionary, I felt there was a strong need to re-visit the cultural movement of the 80’s by re-mixing the original 1980 Times Square (Art) Show.” He sees this cultural movement and sees that it’s missing today. ArtistsFusionTV & Movement was birthedas a modern day collective to create exhibitions/sows at pop-up galleries and alternative spaces.  The goal was to bring back the cultural art movement of the 80s into modern times led by the newly-resurrected fusion of fine art and hip hop. “We wanted to show the continuous social injustice of the past (the 1983 death of graffiti artist, Michael Stewart) to the present (the 2014 passing of Michael Stewart) in our efforts of addressing issues effecting Urban America.”

Exhibiting artists included LaRonz Murray, Ka-Son Reeves, Artoni, Andrew John Dyck, Andre Leroy Davis, James Top, Scratch, Isaam Sharef, Gregory J. Mills. Duro, Sameul Branden, Tyson Hall, Crespo and Joe Conzo.


The DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS tour sponsored by SSUR and Nahright kicked off their opening show at Drom last week. As expected the stage was tore down by some of New York's up and coming acts like CapKleen, a deceptively calm performer but when sign my name came on:

 "I sign my name Kleen my letters all in CAPS"  

It was lit! Scum Lord Dizzy and Scum Gang kept it going. The Bk native performed several tracks off his recent release The Pill. Him alongside several lyricist from scumgang gave such a good high energy performance and there's nothing like 30 heads chanting SCUMGANGGGG!!

 Next up was BKLYNSTICKUP's own King mean who made sure the crowd felt every word he said. Best advice given by a random young man by the stage screaming "Pay attention what the man is saying!". Do just that King Mean = Bars.

 It was only right Coney Island's native Gorilla, Gunther Hunter and lyricist Nems was to follow. You can always count on a great show by that man, see him live and if you haven't FYL. Last up was Danse accompanied by his live band Take Everything. Danse + a Live band is unreal. You know you've got something right when your music is good through ear phones and great live. 

To get a small slice of what happened at the DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS TOUR check out some candid photos from the performers. 

Wataah: Taking Back the Streets

Wat-aah: Taking Back the Streets is an art initiative created by water company, Wat-aah, that celebrated street art while relaying their positive message. The mission behind this is to get kids to drink more water, less sugary drinks and live a healthier lifestyle. The art exhibit was one of those " you had to be there to see it." The artists displayed their work for Wat-aah's mission. The work could be found on the walls and on the water bottles. The attendees included CEO and Founder of Wat-aah Rose Cameron, over 60 artists representing 16 countries, and over 2,000 guests. The exhibition was held at Art Beam in the Chelsea district of NYC. 

Check out the work from the exhibition below.

Wataah Street Artists:

Jef Aerosol, Cope2, Stinkfish, Pez, iHeart Stencils, Joe Iurato, Alias, Tona, 3F(#Fountains), JPS, Gustavo Nenano, Zapata, Sipros, Rubin415, Sonni, Kurar, Alessio B, Marshal Arts, Camo, Indie 184, Robert Janz, Ethan Armen, Pau, L.E.T, Razo, Danielle Mastrion, Lexi Bella, HKDNS, Gusbz, Mactruk, Kenny Scharf, Swoon, Haze, Pose, Lady Aiko, Maya Hayuk, Hebru Brantley, Icy & Sot, Jerkface, UR New York, Rafael Sliks, Robots Will Kill, Shepard Fairey, Damien Mitchell, Lichiban, Fumero, Adam Dare, Aniekan Udofia, Chelove, Christophe Roberts, Damon Johnson, Art is Trash, Smurfo, John Paul O'Grodnick, Ment, Kathryn Lynch, Tony Concep, Posh Dog, Vesa, Technodrome1, Trey Speegle, Lina Vinktor, Stephen Palladino, Marcus Jahmal, Alex Blaise, Aaron Ginsberg

Word Of mouth 2

Word of mouth 2 was the Calgary of uptown's newest and freshest faces. Word is Bond Music has set a standard for their stages and the main premise is giving a platform to NYC's up and coming artists. As the showcase circuit in New York is a stomping ground for rappers trying to circulate their sound, Word of mouth 2 aims to change the status quo with a small amount of performers in an intimate venue. 

WordSmiff, Jae Tips, surprise guest Euro league, Dub Aura, Faze One and Tray Pizzy All hit the stage for the second installment of the Word is Bond showcase. An art gallery in Harlem housed the event that was filled with supporters and hip hop connoisseurs.  

Check out the performers in action at WOM2



Bucket Feet Re-Cap

BucketFeet is a footwear store in SOHO, New York that features footwear designed by artist from all around the world. This past Friday, Bucketfeet hosted a reception for the current Artist in Residence Col Wallnuts. He featured some of his work in the store.

The reception also featured various artists throughout the venue including artwork in the dressing rooms.


Featured artists:

Jimmy Sheenan (@bluecollarart), Cat Thompson, Archer (@archerone), Joseph Perez, Mudi (@who_is_mudi), JC Rivera, Kristy Gammil (@kristygammillart), Erin Burke (@erinloretta), Tava, Ebony Bolt (@ebony_bolt), Jayson Atienza (@jaysonatienza) and more. 

21st Precinct Art Exhibit Re-Cap

Five weeks after the idea of the show was introduced, the 21st Precinct Art Show is ready for the world to see.  4 days, that's the length of this exhibition before it becomes a "you had to see it to feel it" part of history. Saturday 8/23 & 8/24 from 1-6pm are the last two days you can view it before this precinct gets demolished. It used to be the 21st police precinct and now serves as a haven for an art show that is quite an experience. Opening night included a night of good music, great conversations, street artists, contemporary artists, art lovers, spectators, and a line down the block. If you can't make the show, you can at least see some pictures of the amazing artwork that the 40+ artists created.

Robert Aloia is the curator for this show. How did this show come about? “Suzuki Capital bought the building. They contacted artists Pesu and Savior Elmundo. They called me in to curate because it was such a massive space." Robert’s says that this show is a great testament to the love of creating and sharing art. Once the space was made available, Robert knew something historic could be done with it.

Music was provided by Miranda Maxwell (@miranda_maxwell) & Natasha Diggs (@natashadiggs)

Curator: Robert Aloia (@outlaw_arts)

Artists: Adam Dare (@adamdare), Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP (@asvp), Bad Pedestrian (@badpedestrian), Ben Angotti (@angotti81), BEAU, Bill Claps (@billclaps), Bishop203, bunny M (@thebunnym), Cash4 (@cassiusfouler), Chris RWK (@chrisrwk), Chris Soria (@chrissoria), Coby Kennedy (@cobykennedy), Curb Your Ego (@curbyourego), Curtis Kulig, D. Gaja, Danielle Mastrion (@daniellebknyc), Damon Johnson (@damonnyc), Dasic, Dizmology (@dizmology), Duel, ELLE, Erasmo (@moronorio), Esteban del Valle (@estebandelvalle112), Faust (@faustnewyork), Ghost, GIZ (@giz_mta_xtc_ris), Hellbent, Hue (@212hue), Icy & Sot (@icyandsot), Iena Cruz (@ienacruz),  Ivan-o-rama (@ivanorama), Jesper Haynes, Joseph Meloy (@vandal_expressionism), Justin Carty (@justincartyme), Ket, Lexi Bella (@lexibellaart), Li Hill (@li_hill), Lorenzo Masnah, Matt Siren (@mattsiren), Mr. Toll (@mrtoll), N. Carlos Jay (@ncarlosj), Nepo (@nepoart), Net, Never, Nick Tengri, Noxer, Oeno, Pesu (@pesuart), Phil, Pixote (@themrpix), Queen Andrea (@queenandreaone), RAE (@rae_bk), Rambo, Ricardo Cabret, SAE, Savior Elmundo (@saviorelmundo), Sheryo (@spacecandy) & The Yok (@_theyok), Shiro (@shiro_one), Smells, Tone Tank (@tonetank), URNY (Ski @ski_ur_newyork & 2esae @2esae), Vexta (@vexta), VFR (@vfrxr15), X-O, Zoens

Cruel Summer Re-Cap

Jonathan LeVine Gallery exhibited Cruel Summer curated by Roger Gastman on Wednesday 8/6. The opening reception was packed with plenty of spectators. They are displaying some really good pieces by some dope artists. A few of the featured artists were there including Dabs Myla. The exhibition will continue until 8/23. It is being held at both locations (557C West 23rd St & 529 West 20th St)

Curator: Roger Gastman (@rogergastman)

Features: Ben Venom (@benvenom), Blade, Caleb Neelon, Cleon Peterson (@cleonpeterson), Cope (@mrcope2), Dabs Myla (@dabsmyla), Eric Haze (@erichzenyc), Finok (@finok), Freedom, Horfe, Huskmitnavin (@huskmitnavin), Mark Bode (@markvbode), Maya Hayuk (@mayahayuk), Mike Ballard (@ceptronix), Mike Giant, Niagara, Pose (@tenderj), Revok (@_revok_) , Rime (@jerseyjoeism, Risk (@riskrock), Sam Friedman (@samfriedman), Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant), Tim Conlon (@conoperative), Victor Reyes (@rys78)

Stay Gold Art Show Re-Cap

What exactly does Stay Gold mean? "Stay Gold means being true, staying true to who you are." - Juliane Forsyth 

The opening night for Stay Gold Art Show was on July 19 and was good. Juliane showcased work from various artist around New York City and her own work. It is a six week exhibition. It will be held at 139 Bay St in Staten Island. (Just take the Staten Island Ferry if you plan on taking public transportation. )

Featured Artists: Juliane Leigh Forsyth (@femmefox), Marcus Allen (@marcusallendesign), Alexander Barreto (@oterraba), Ashton Benjamin (@astonxbenjamin), Cavier Coleman (@caviercoleman), Maria Penaloza (@ohmiamore), Mike Shane (@mikeshanephoto),  Michael Banks (@savemichaelbanks), Chicgeek (@chicgeekart), Laura De (@laura.de), Tommy "Yung Wuk" Lam (@yung_wok),  Nelbo (@imnelbo), J. Rodriguez (@common_minds), Thomas Sakariasen (@thomas_sakariasen), Rich Soto, BankBank, Camille Mervuina Reyes, Kate Cavanagh, Molly Flores, Tiffanie Marie



CANVAS A Spray Can Art Show Re-Cap

Imagine all of your favorite street artists participating in one show. Well, that's what  CANVAS A Spray Can Art Show was. A Dying Breed NYC put it together, exhibiting some of New York City's finest street artists.  The talent pool for this show was deep...really deep. 

Featured Artists:

Trap, Tone MST ft UR NY, Deps, Alice Mizrachi, Jacob Henderson, See One, Vato, Soar Ka, Zimad, Last Witness, Cern, Sonni, Icy and Sot, Tony Depew, Luv1, FoxxFace, Billy Roids, Goldpoo, Sest, Epic Uno, Sexer, Yes1, Mastro, Shiro, Edapt, Royce Bannon, Leias, Wizard Skull, Youth Waste, Collen Dubose, Steiner, Bisc, Ask, Vera Times, Ski (UR NY), 2Esae (UR NY), Col Wallnuts, Touch Abuse x Atomik, Cruz, Haks, Spraycam, Sest and Danielle 

Yell-O A Group Exhibition

Hidden in the midst of Chelsea aka an art lovers haven, is C24 Gallery.  Last week they held the opening reception for Yell-O A Group Exhibition which featured art work from J. Mikal DavisNick GentryAdele Mills and Ekaterina Panikanova.  Each of these artists are clearly talented.  

You can check out the exhibition at C24 Gallery 514 West 24th Street New York, NY 10011 

Instagram: Nick Gentry- nickgentryart

                  J. Mikal Davis-hellbent_

                  C24 Gallery- c24gallery

Kru Fest Re-Cap

If you’re on ADDMAG, it’s for one of two reasons :

a) you went to Kru Fest and wanted to relive it


b) you missed Kru Fest and wanted to know what went down. 

For one, you missed out on some pretty good giveaways from HER, Behind the Canvas and Chris Miss Closet.

And just in case you’re wondering what exactly Kru Fest is, it’s a festival that allows you to swap and sell your gently used clothes.   


You were also able to purchase new clothes from some of the featured vendors which included Her Threads, Yesterday’s Glam, IDENation, Crumbled Thoughts, QiloNYC, Inspired by H.E.R, and of course Kru and Krahn.  If you’re a vintage lover, this was definitely the place to be.  This was in an environment where you could swap, sell and buy new clothes while meeting new people AND there was a funnel cake truck outside!

Venders: Kru & Krahn @ kruandkrahn , Chris Miss @chrismiss_ , Her @theherproject_ , Janae @janae_raquel , Crumbled Thoughts @crumbledthoughts , Inspired by H.E.R @inspired_by_her , QilooNYC @qilnyc , IDENation @ide_nation , Yesterday’s Glam @yesterdaysglamshonel , Her Threads @herthreads 

The LP Series

An after work delight was all the ADDMAG team needed this past Friday. Between the cold weather and a long day toiling away at work, a new haven was a great end to a hectic week. DJ/Producer Jamar Jacobs launched his long awaited New York event series at Nevada Smiths, a well- known sports bar in the east Village.

The third floor of Nevada Smiths was a large venue with high ceilings and a full menu of food options that could help anyone after a full day at work. (Tacos & French fries…need we say more) The cherry on top was the happy hour drink specials and a remix of Erykah Badu’s I want you by Jamar blaring through the speakers.

The LP series is at its root an outlet for up and coming singers/ rappers and music heads. Even some of the featured artists that attended took to the mic for impromptu performances. This mixer could shape up to be the new after work shindig.

The next installment of the LP Series is sure to be greatly successful.  If you need a Happy hour escape, and a dose of great music make sure to attend his next installment. Stay Tuned!