21st Precinct Art Exhibit Re-Cap

Five weeks after the idea of the show was introduced, the 21st Precinct Art Show is ready for the world to see.  4 days, that's the length of this exhibition before it becomes a "you had to see it to feel it" part of history. Saturday 8/23 & 8/24 from 1-6pm are the last two days you can view it before this precinct gets demolished. It used to be the 21st police precinct and now serves as a haven for an art show that is quite an experience. Opening night included a night of good music, great conversations, street artists, contemporary artists, art lovers, spectators, and a line down the block. If you can't make the show, you can at least see some pictures of the amazing artwork that the 40+ artists created.

Robert Aloia is the curator for this show. How did this show come about? “Suzuki Capital bought the building. They contacted artists Pesu and Savior Elmundo. They called me in to curate because it was such a massive space." Robert’s says that this show is a great testament to the love of creating and sharing art. Once the space was made available, Robert knew something historic could be done with it.

Music was provided by Miranda Maxwell (@miranda_maxwell) & Natasha Diggs (@natashadiggs)

Curator: Robert Aloia (@outlaw_arts)

Artists: Adam Dare (@adamdare), Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP (@asvp), Bad Pedestrian (@badpedestrian), Ben Angotti (@angotti81), BEAU, Bill Claps (@billclaps), Bishop203, bunny M (@thebunnym), Cash4 (@cassiusfouler), Chris RWK (@chrisrwk), Chris Soria (@chrissoria), Coby Kennedy (@cobykennedy), Curb Your Ego (@curbyourego), Curtis Kulig, D. Gaja, Danielle Mastrion (@daniellebknyc), Damon Johnson (@damonnyc), Dasic, Dizmology (@dizmology), Duel, ELLE, Erasmo (@moronorio), Esteban del Valle (@estebandelvalle112), Faust (@faustnewyork), Ghost, GIZ (@giz_mta_xtc_ris), Hellbent, Hue (@212hue), Icy & Sot (@icyandsot), Iena Cruz (@ienacruz),  Ivan-o-rama (@ivanorama), Jesper Haynes, Joseph Meloy (@vandal_expressionism), Justin Carty (@justincartyme), Ket, Lexi Bella (@lexibellaart), Li Hill (@li_hill), Lorenzo Masnah, Matt Siren (@mattsiren), Mr. Toll (@mrtoll), N. Carlos Jay (@ncarlosj), Nepo (@nepoart), Net, Never, Nick Tengri, Noxer, Oeno, Pesu (@pesuart), Phil, Pixote (@themrpix), Queen Andrea (@queenandreaone), RAE (@rae_bk), Rambo, Ricardo Cabret, SAE, Savior Elmundo (@saviorelmundo), Sheryo (@spacecandy) & The Yok (@_theyok), Shiro (@shiro_one), Smells, Tone Tank (@tonetank), URNY (Ski @ski_ur_newyork & 2esae @2esae), Vexta (@vexta), VFR (@vfrxr15), X-O, Zoens