42nd Times Square Show Remixed – 80’s Revisited

The show had a lot of energy which included a performance from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s nephew, Response Basquite. Everyone was able to interact with the artwork and the artists that were there. The show felt like a trip to Brooklyn in the 80s. LaRonz Murray put this show together. The idea was initially sparked as a collaborative group exhibition inspired by his solo 2013 debut American exhibit, The Miracle from 34th Street (The Art & Grind of LaRonzMurray). “In this presentation, I introduced the concept of ‘Art 2 Life’ with a grand opening performance of turning “still art” into “performance art”. During this time, he also created the invention of the “Exhibition Remix”. This show took less than two months to put together. “As the visionary/creator/founder of this remixed exhibit, I started putting the show together at the end August 2014 with the assistance of Gerado Rodriguez, Ka-son Reeves, Artoni and Michael Angelo. Next, we went heavy into the planning and executing stages in September and October. I commissioned all artists to create a customize piece based off the 80’s. I followed this by contacting the exhibit’s co-producer, James Top Productions to facilitate all graffiti artists to execute our requested pieces to create a unified show.  Within the process, we had our ‘Art 2 Life Live Performance Curator”, Sir Marco handle the task of organizing and assigning rappers to said paintings to create inspired performances for the grand opening. I connected with Basquiat’s nephew to perform as a special guest performer. Lastly, we linked up with Candice Taylor of TaylorMadePR who assisted on curation and talent. Ms. Taylor brought in superb talented performers Rahzel Jr. (son of legendary beatboxer Rahzel Brown of The Roots) and BB Thomaz.” 

         LaRonz felt there was a strong need to re-visit the cultural movement of the 80 by re-mixing the original 1980 Times Square Art Show. “This groundbreaking exhibition presented over 100 artists, which included influential painters Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy and Keith Haring. As an artist and visionary, I felt there was a strong need to re-visit the cultural movement of the 80’s by re-mixing the original 1980 Times Square (Art) Show.” He sees this cultural movement and sees that it’s missing today. ArtistsFusionTV & Movement was birthedas a modern day collective to create exhibitions/sows at pop-up galleries and alternative spaces.  The goal was to bring back the cultural art movement of the 80s into modern times led by the newly-resurrected fusion of fine art and hip hop. “We wanted to show the continuous social injustice of the past (the 1983 death of graffiti artist, Michael Stewart) to the present (the 2014 passing of Michael Stewart) in our efforts of addressing issues effecting Urban America.”

Exhibiting artists included LaRonz Murray, Ka-Son Reeves, Artoni, Andrew John Dyck, Andre Leroy Davis, James Top, Scratch, Isaam Sharef, Gregory J. Mills. Duro, Sameul Branden, Tyson Hall, Crespo and Joe Conzo.