The DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS tour sponsored by SSUR and Nahright kicked off their opening show at Drom last week. As expected the stage was tore down by some of New York's up and coming acts like CapKleen, a deceptively calm performer but when sign my name came on:

 "I sign my name Kleen my letters all in CAPS"  

It was lit! Scum Lord Dizzy and Scum Gang kept it going. The Bk native performed several tracks off his recent release The Pill. Him alongside several lyricist from scumgang gave such a good high energy performance and there's nothing like 30 heads chanting SCUMGANGGGG!!

 Next up was BKLYNSTICKUP's own King mean who made sure the crowd felt every word he said. Best advice given by a random young man by the stage screaming "Pay attention what the man is saying!". Do just that King Mean = Bars.

 It was only right Coney Island's native Gorilla, Gunther Hunter and lyricist Nems was to follow. You can always count on a great show by that man, see him live and if you haven't FYL. Last up was Danse accompanied by his live band Take Everything. Danse + a Live band is unreal. You know you've got something right when your music is good through ear phones and great live. 

To get a small slice of what happened at the DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS TOUR check out some candid photos from the performers.